Welcome to the Steve Bower Studio web site. I hope you will take a few minutes to explore, read or react to the variety of content I have included. There is a commercial aspect to this site but that is not its sole purpose. I see this site as a forum to present images, thoughts, reflections, and occasional insights that may be of value or stimulate thought.

I have been doing this for a very long time and in that time I have made enough mistakes to have developed some insights that I hopefully might pass along. Conversely, I am always looking for things to explore so if you have a site, or link, please share

Here you will find work that is, most generally, available for exhibition or sale. All of the most recently completed items can be found here as the page is updated as work is completed

This page is devoted exclusively to showing all of the reproductions I have available for purchase and the specifications for them. If a print is of a watercolor, it is a giclee print printed on archival paper using archival ink. The giclee process provides an exceptional likeness whether on paper or canvas. The acrylics that I have as prints are all printed on canvas and employ the same high standards of permanence.

My archive is reminiscent of a patchwork quilt. I have placed items in here from every time and circumstance through my forty-five years of work as a fine artist and educator. Once an item is either sold or retired to my personal collection or allocated to one the children’s collections it is placed here. It’s like history in no particular order.

This contact page is here for a variety of reasons and I will attempt to list as many as I can think of. First, if you have any questions regarding the site, the blog, the art or any content within the site please ask. If you need information relating to the purchase of any item on either the recent work page or print page, call text or e-mail and I will respond promptly. If you have comments or reflections on any content within this site please express it as all information is valuable.